The most successful year for the cause “Tree of the good”


The charity initiative “Tree of the good” in the regional administration – Burgas will please dozens of children from socially disadvantaged families on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve in Bourgas.

The Campaign of the District DI Co-ordination Mechanism (DDICM) is held for the third consecutive year, this year the call was for diapers, milk and food for children up to 3 years of age. Over 200 toys, new clothes, shoes, books, cosmetics, and baby food have gathered in less than 20 days, and many donors have been asking for and expecting the campaign. The day before Christmas Eve, social workers and the regional coordinator of  “Hope and Homes for Children – Bulgaria” will visit all the children at risk with whom the Coordination Mechanism worked during the year and will make happy the children and families from all the municipalities of Bourgas region.

The noble initiative included a number of organizations, companies, citizens and employees of the Burgas Regional Administration. Adapted Milk, Diapers, Baby Pastilles and Puree, Clothes and Toys donated “Zonta Club Bourgas”, “Women in Science” Club, “Self-consciousness” Association, “Black Sea Association of Women”, “Char” Company, “Baba Ganka Hadjipetrova”, children from the schools in Bourgas, members of parliament, clubs from political parties, mayors of the village of Novo Panicharevo, Municipality of Primorsko and the village of Chernicza, Sungurlare Municipality

“This is the most successful year for the cause of the District DI Co-ordination Mechanism. With the help of all donors, we will be able to help people for whom every given hand is valuable.  I thank everyone who joined. The District Coordination Mechanism is a relatively young structure that unites the energy and the willingness of all participants to preserve children’s security. “- commented Prof. Dr. Sevdalina TURMANOVA, Deputy Regional Governor of Bourgas District and Chairperson of DDICM.

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