There are only eight children in the Home for medical and social care left in Haskovo


On 25.06.2020 in the hall of the District Administration of Haskovo in compliance with all anti-epidemiological measures was held a session of the District DI Coordination Mechanism.

The meeting was opened and chaired by Ms. Malina Slavova, Coordinator of the DDICM in Haskovo and HHC-Bulgaria for Haskovo District.

The session was attended by 14 participants – the director of Regional director for social assistance, the director of Regional Health Inspectorate, a representative of Regional Educational Unit, representatives of the CPDs from the district, experts from the District Administration, Haskovo Municipality and coordinators of HHC – Bulgaria.

The topic of the session was the current state of the deinstitutionalization process and the interaction of all institutions at the district level to achieve the goals of the National Strategy “Vision for deinstitutionalization of children in the Republic of Bulgaria” and the Action Plan 2016-2020. During the session the work of the institutions for deinstitutionalization in the first half of 2020 was presented.

Mrs. Zara Kostadinova, Head of the CPD Department – Haskovo, presented the condition of the Home for medical and social care for children in Haskovo, currently there are 8 children with disabilities left, and stressed the important role of HHC-Bulgaria in support of taking out children from the home.

Mr. Manahilov – Director of Regional directorate for social assistance – Haskovo, announced to those present that the recruitment of a team that will make up-to-date assessments of children from the Home for medical and social care for children and hence update their care plans.

The future steps and actions of all stakeholders in the process of closing down institutions and building community services, which in turn provide children with a family or close to family environment, were also outlined.

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