To draw the Child Guarantee

On June 25, 2022, under the strong sun in Sofia and in the comfort of Zaimov Park, the children from the Program for children’s participation at “Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria” gathered. The idea for the session was to try to draw how they imagine the Child Guarantee, how they see the observance of children’s rights, who will support them and how they will develop in the future. Asphalt alleys have become a “canvas” for colorful chalks and multifaceted ideas. The works managed to attract curious children’s eyes, as well as interest from adults passing through the park. A small young boy 2 years old, joined the drawing fun and watched with interest every movement and gesture, begging the big boys and girls to draw a cat for him. The next stage was for the children and young people to recreate the child guarantee in photos from their surroundings. Great photos and a lot of fun!

You can find out how they imagine the children’s participation from their photos.



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