To find roads

“Grandpa white-bearded turnip began to take out. ………………………………………………………. Finally, Pisana calls Grizana. Grizzly catches on. Pulls hard. Together they strain, groan and stretch, pull out the turnip, drag it home. And everyone there ate sweetly with her”. Do you remember this fairy tale from childhood? Do you remember its lessons? This is Ani’s favorite fairy tale, who welcomes us in her native house in a village near Sofia. Her eyes look at us with undisguised curiosity, she is only two and a half years old and feels like a princess in the yard with a children’s playground and a swing. The sun plays with her blond curls, a smile lands on her face, and her swaying gait and staring at her make her the center of a universe. Ani is looking for her mother’s hands, which give her support and the necessary security. Our joint campaign with CEZ “Together we can do everything” allowed us to  reach another Bulgarian family. The child goes to play with the older children and her mother leads us in the steps of her life. Her childhood memories make her smile, beautiful paintings describe a life full of love. Beautiful clothes, mother’s caresses, supportive teachers. These moments of childhood are arranged as guards so that they can protect her. Childhood quickly gives way to adolescence, and it is turbulent and not easy for both Didi and her mother. They do not understand her, they want to teach her, school does not motivate her and considers it a waste of time. He wants to run away from home. As a student at a school in Sofia and at the age of 16-17, she found it difficult to obey authorities, wanted to break the shackles of public order and subsequently resorted to opiates. The beautiful student finds it increasingly difficult to find meaning in learning, she is estranged from friends and relatives. Deceptive happiness and blurred consciousness place it as a cover for the world. We humans need love, kind words and support, and we seek to benefit from the virtues of others. So Didi meets the father of his two children. Their souls are looking for warmth and coziness. They find support and strength in the family, and the children are happy. But when you become addicted to something stronger than you, you begin to feel physical pain. It conquers your body, robs your soul, and your eyes are left empty for the light of children’s smiles. Maybe each of us has his limit and you have to reach it and then you will either cross it or come back. She fails to overcome herself and follows the separation from the father of her two children. Later, Didi seeks help from specialists and during the group therapy he feels the power in the irradiance of Kaloyan, who is also being treated. Love gives them wings and they come to live together. They live modestly, take care of the children, and Ani is born. Strong inner motivation keeps them from going back to past transgressions and wanting their children never to go their own way. The puzzle of their lives begins to arrange. They begin to dream about their future and the future of their children. After the start of the COVID 19 pandemic, Kaloyan lost his job and Didi did not work because she was taking care of Ani, who was often ill. Kaloyan now works as a driver and hopes their incomes will stabilize and there will be no new wave of the pandemic. The puppy in the yard friendly waves his tail, and our team and the CEZ team are glad that we, as in the fairy tale “Grandpa turnips pulls out” can come and rescue the family and be part of the efforts of a family to live with dignity.



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Our emotional Saturday

With the participants in the children’s and youth participation program at Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria, we visited the children and youth placed

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