To make donations

Everyone is happy when they are with their family and can dream of the future! Unfortunately, there is a war in Ukraine today. More than 25,000 Ukrainians have arrived in Bulgaria, most of them women and children. In every war, they pay the price in every sense. Since the beginning of the bombings, Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria seeks to mobilize its resources to help mothers with children.

In Burgas, through the “District DI Coordination Mechanism”, we appealed to its members to make donations to the Bulgarian Red Cross in the city and they responded. We provided things that are needed to the Bulgarian Red Cross in Burgas and Sofia. We are ready with logistics in other cities where we work. We are preparing to be helpful even after the initial wave of empathy in society.

Our colleagues from all over the country also provide funds and clothes for the Bulgarian Red Cross and groups in the Facebook for assistance to refugees, some have declared their readiness to provide their homes for mothers with children.

There are more than 700 institutions in Ukraine with 100,000 children in them, which, if not evacuated, will find it difficult to cope alone and without a family. In the next wave of refugees, there may be many orphans. We must be ready to meet this challenge as well.

We hope we can support them with hope!

We want to call on everyone, according to their abilities, to donate to the Bulgarian Red Cross!

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