Together we can


The children from the Children’s program at Hope and Homes for Children – Bulgaria gathered on October 13, 2019 and continued their work on the creation of the Program Book. The ten children from biological and foster families were jointly divided into two groups – the group of writers and the group of designers. Each of the groups was tasked with recreating the history of the Program through drawings and texts. While discussing and arranging the events in which they participated, they had fun and laughter, remembering all the activities of the Program. Each participant had the opportunity to offer and share how he saw the Book himself. After both groups had finished their work, they got together and combined what they did. Of course there is still a need for improvement and development, but the children left satisfied and smiling at their work and contribution.

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Our emotional Saturday

With the participants in the children’s and youth participation program at Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria, we visited the children and youth placed

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