Transforming the world for children

It really is incredible what a small number of supporters can help an organisation like Hope and Homes for Children to achieve. And 2018 provides another great example of this.
With your help we continued to progress the reform of child care and protection in Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Bosnia, Ukraine, Rwanda, Sudan, South Africa, India and Uganda, and we started a new pilot project in Nepal. We worked on the highest number of concurrent orphanage closures in our history: 39. This is the business end of the stick. It’s where we work alongside local authorities to prevent children from being placed in institutions, and reunite many who are confined in them back with their families or in alternative forms of family care.


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Ема Кичева, ръководител "Корпоративни комуникации" Лидл България

“Family patron” Award

We are happy that we had the opportunity to thank Lidl Bulgaria for their overall support, cooperation, understanding and assistance to our cause of every

What do we want to do this year?

The children and young people from the Children’s Participation Program at Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria gathered after the summer vacation and on

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