Transnistrian delegation visited Ruse at the invitation of “Hope and Homes for Children – Bulgaria”


In the period 16 – 20.07.2018 a visit of the Transnistrian delegation to Russe took place at the invitation of “Hope and Homes for Children – Bulgaria”. The working visit aimed at familiarizing the guests with the child protection system in Bulgaria, the types of social services, their management and quality.

Among the guests are the Deputy Chairperson of the Transnistrian Government, Chairman of the Supreme Council of State Regional Policy, the Chair of the Supreme Council of Social Policy, the Ministry of Science and Culture, the Minister of Social Protection, the deputy minister of finance and the Director of the Transnistrian Program of the British Hope and homes for children.

The delegation included the regional manager for Central and Eastern Europe of the British organization Stefan Darabush.

The guests visited the social services in Russe, managed by the “Equilibrium” association, and participated in a number of meetings with representatives of the Municipality of Ruse, the Regional Foster Care Team, the Child Protection Department and the Regional Directorate for social assistance.

The participants in the working visit were acquainted with the accumulated practices in Bulgaria in the system of child protection, structuring and creation of social services and the Municipality of Russe which is one of the best examples in our country in this regard due to the fact that all services are delegated to external suppliers and the quality of social activity is one of the highest in Bulgaria. The guests had the opportunity to discuss, ask questions and obtain additional information on social protection topics, as well as exchange experience with Bulgarian experts. The main messages were that the best place to live for each child is his family, and all efforts should be directed to ensuring that. High Representatives of the Transnistrian government shared that they are extremely impressed by the social system in Bulgaria and that they will use what they have seen and learned about the reform in Transnistria.

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