Voice of children and youngsters from the Child participation Programme of HHC – Bulgaria and Association “Parallel world”

Is it important to know our rights? Who is it important for? Who determines what the children want?

When you are a child, everything is so different – all are adults and makes us prepare for life. Our friends are our world and all children are the same until someone divides us by color, by age, by how fast we learn, think, run and whether we need someone else’s help. It is essential for us to hear our voice. To be respected and to be able to speak freely on our topics together with the adults. We want to help and support all children and young people at risk and let them feel our strength. We all need a home, a family and someone to support us in order to build our future, which starts today, from us and will continue in the next century. Our hands are always raised to the sun, which we want to share with the adults and children of Bulgaria. We accept every voice and every opinion as important! We understand the meaning of children’s participation as an opportunity to influence and fight for our cause – every child to grow up and live with the love of the family environment. Children with disabilities are the most endangered group of deprivation of education, hope, they do not have many friends, because they are often isolated, and together we will have to learn and build our society.

Despite all barriers and obstacles, we will continue to stand up for children and young people at risk so that they can live with us, love, dream and enjoy each new day.

We understand rights as an opportunity to express ourselves, share and participate in decision-making, especially those that affect us. Everyone can express themselves using different ways and methods. We respect the opinion of everyone and we consider it key to share and bring together us, children and young people with different social status and regardless of the presence of different types of disabilities. Communication between us is important and invigorating, we find a common language and common dreams and desires.

We all want to have the right to raise our voice, to have our hopes and to be able to realize them, to be together and to follow our causes and missions.

We want to be involved and participate in the life of the community, to be responsible citizens and to support each other.

We are motivated for change and action. We are constantly looking for solutions to complex cases and new ideas, as well as a place to share and understand. We charge each other and set new goals. Together we continue to fight for every child and young person to follow their dreams and their path as part of the whole. Help us and we will show how much love is hidden in us, how much empathy we can feel and what kind of charge we can give you

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