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At 1.12. children from the children’s participation program at Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria and children from foster families were visiting the Bread House and were making bread together. The children talked about how important it is to be an advocate, how motivating is to support children in need, how important it is to communicate and exchange ideas with their peers. At first the children made their drawings on the flour, they expressed their faith and light, and how important it is to do good and to give smiles. After that, everyone involved their bread by putting sugar and salt, they metaphorically presented why they wanted to participate in the program and what their difficulties were to be part of it. While making bread in pairs, the children talked about the coming holidays and about how fun it was to be together. After making their bread, the children created a story that told each group, and most importantly is that all of the stories ended happily, and everywhere there was sunshine and hope. Each child took the bread and together with their family baked it.

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A responsible partnership

Lidl Bulgaria is once again involved in helping families in crisis. We are extremely happy that together we manage to find a way to overcome

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Currently, at least 5.4 million children worldwide live in institutions and are separated from their families. 80% of them are not orphans and can return

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