“What do children do when they are sad”

The new season of Children’s Family Wars took place on 19 June in the framework of the project “Right of participation and voice”, which is implemented with the financial support provided by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Financial Mechanism from 1.09.2020 from Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria.

There are no wrong answers in this game and the participants had the opportunity to have fun and feel like children, at least for a while. The presenters asked questions from children and the reference answers were also the work of children.

“What do children want to change in adults to feel better?”

– What do children like to eat the most?

– What do children need to feel good in school? What do children need the most?

and What are the most important rights and responsibilities of children? ”

Two teams of parents were formed to find out what possible answers were given.

During the game, a competitive spirit had taken hold of both teams. They discussed, sought, and argued for possible answers. After all, the winner is the one who found the right wording. Both teams received certificates – for first place “Best Expert of Children” and second place “Good Expert of Children”.

In the second part, the winning team continued with the game “Fast children’s dreams”. Two participants tried to collect the maximum number of points and had to answer 5 questions in 30 seconds – Children’s favorite animal; Children’s favorite place; What do children do when they are sad; What do children want to participate in the most and How do children want to express their opinion.

In the end, both children and parents built a common idea of ​​the desires and dreams that shape our future today. We firmly believe that today’s children will determine the development of humanity in the 21st century and will set the direction for the next century – the right of participation and voice.




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