What do we want to do this year?

The children and young people from the Children’s Participation Program at Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria gathered after the summer vacation and on the eve of the start of the school year together they planned activities and ideas. In games and discussions, they mapped out what they wanted to do in the Program, what was important to them, and why they were doing it.

By working in groups they were able to bring out key messages:

  • It is important to keep nature clean
  • To meet with the Government, stating our views on children’s rights
  • We want to help and include disabled children with us
  • To be more visible in social networks
  • To attract more like-minded people and supporters of our cause
  • Have more fun outdoors
  • To do good and remain sensitive

After sharing all this, the children and young people wished each other success on the first day of school and to be active and consistent advocates of the cause – every child to grow up in a family.

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