When donations are aimed at stimulating independent living

And in these hot days we continue to supply clothes and various household appliances to low-income families. With the last donation of Lidl we reached families from Sliven and Sofia. There are many exciting moments in these meetings and they always convince us that any help should be timely, not to make families dependent on help and to be focused on the well-being of all its members.

Our team very carefully prepares each donation and the goal is to go to the right family. And now we approached it that way.

During our tour of Sofia Municipality we visited the families to whom we provided various appliances with the help of Lidl. We also went to a mother who takes very responsible care of her children. We have known this woman for several years ago, when her income was below BGN 100 per month and she suffered a lot of deprivation to provide food for her child. We helped her, guided her, stimulated her to keep dreaming of a better future. At one of our meetings, she said, “I really want to have a sewing machine!” Lidl responded to the request and gave us the device we dreamed of. With this acquisition and with a lot, a lot of work, she started sewing and selling various household items and a year later she already has regular orders. Thanks to her ingenuity and the provided sewing machine, she already has a low but steady income and is calm about the future.

Our good cooperation with Lidl and encouraging people to provide for themselves helps families find adequate solutions to temporary financial crises.

We are very happy when we see the positive results of our work!

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