Working with parents at risk of abandonment


On August 20, 2020, a training was held for the members of District DI Coordination Mechanism (DDICM) – Haskovo on the topic: “Working with parents at risk of abandonment.”

The training aimed to increase the professional competencies of the participants in working with parents by presenting a different model of family support. There were 16 participants, representatives of the District Administration, Haskovo Municipality, Regional directorate for social assistance – Haskovo, all CPDs from Haskovo District, Center for public support – Haskovo and Community Center – Haskovo. Trainers were Boryana Klimentova and Valeria Draganova from Hope and homes for Children – Bulgaria.

The participants got acquainted in detail with the model of Active Family Support and the opportunities for interaction and support it provides. Cases from the work of HHC – Bulgaria were considered. One of them was a 16-year-old mother who wants to abandon her child, has no desire to continue her education. The participants joined forces and came up with specific solutions that were important for the child:

o Psychological support of the family

o Health support

o Search for resources in the community

Particular attention was paid to the resources that exist and the opportunity to be used in interaction between institutions in search of common solutions for the most adequate and timely support of families at risk. All agreed that the most important thing for a child is to grow up in a loving, family environment and that this should be the leading motive for intervention by institutions

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A responsible partnership

Lidl Bulgaria is once again involved in helping families in crisis. We are extremely happy that together we manage to find a way to overcome

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Currently, at least 5.4 million children worldwide live in institutions and are separated from their families. 80% of them are not orphans and can return

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