Walk with us

We are building a network of associates that will make it possible for every child to grow up in a
loving family, and our corporate partners are a key player.
Why partner with us
We work tirelessly to support Bulgaria's children to live in loving families and to help the government
deal with family breakdown. For more than twelve years now, we have been close to families in
crisis. We have achieved a lot! We work quickly and efficiently to ensure that children are not
abandoned in the Homes for medical and social care for children.
The children should be raised in their families, or those who are placed in institutions, should be
returned to their parents. Our methods are simple, our team is motivated, and our goals are
achievable. Thus, children are not exposed to the harm of institutional care.
Our corporate partners play a crucial role in childcare. They work with us to drive systemic change
and generate pervasive and sustained impact.
We help to move children from institutions to loving homes and parents not to abandon their
children. Life in a family is the best for every child. But when we combine the generosity and skills of
our corporate partners with our own knowledge and experience, transformative change happens.
Our partnerships are carefully designed to meet shared goals. They are aligned with the priorities of
each partner.
Ways you can partner with us
Strategic partnerships
Strategic partnerships go beyond more traditional approaches to corporate social responsibility.
These include working together to address some of the most pressing tasks in our program, research
and advocacy work. By working in partnership to leverage the unique expertise and resources of one
company, we can achieve a life-changing impact for hundreds of children in Bulgaria.

Branding partnerships
We work with brand partners to raise awareness of the harm caused by institutional care and to promote care in the family. If your brand shares our belief that a safe family is the best alternative for a child to grow up in, we will be glad to hear from you.
Staff engagement
We love working with teams of employees to raise awareness and funds for our work while they use
their skills and networks, spend time together outside the office and have fun! We work with our
partners to design children's rights awareness events in an accessible language. Our team is always
available to provide individual and creative ways to achieve your corporate social responsibilities