Our new vision
for the future

A day will come when the whole world will question why institutions ever existed and why children ever lived in an environment so detrimental to their development.

The team of “Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria” works every day precisely in its pursuit of that day when every child lives in a family or close to a family environment.

Our aim

is the full eradication of institutional care for children worldwide

Our vision

is a world where no child suffers the harms of institutional care

Our mission

is to be a catalyst of the global eradication of institutional care for children


The work of Hope and Homes for Children – Bulgaria is related to changing attitudes and policies, and wherever there is change, there is resistance. Many obstacles arise on the way to success, but in the same way that an army goes into battle believing that it will win, so we have the courage to give every child in Bulgaria a chance to live in a loving family environment. We are creative and not afraid to try again and again and again.


We are completely dedicated to the child and always work in their best interest. For us, integrity of intent and transparency in every action we take are of the utmost importance to the success of our organisation. Therefore, we are always frank in our work both with children and their families and with the various state and government structures.


Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria helps every child get a chance for a better life in an environment that stimulates their development and allows them to feel loved and cared for. We change children’s lives every day, so we work with extreme precision and treat both children, their parents and all other parties with dignity.

Our main goals are:

To demonstrate how family care can successfully replace institutional care in every aspect.

To build the capacity of local professionals responsible for child welfare, child protection and the prevention of separation of children from their families.

To influence national and international policies and plans to ensure a family environment for every child.

To establish strategic partnerships with other organisations to make deinstitutionalisation a global priority.

To develop and enrich public awareness regarding institutional care and existing alternatives.

We have strong evidence to support the need for a family environment, with the goal of the positive intellectual development of each child.

The responsible parties have begun to recognize the dramatic effects of institutional care not only at national level.

We have developed a sufficient number of good practices, recognized by international experts, which demonstrate how institutional care can be successfully replaced by more effective family care. This alternative care not only positively affects the child’s development, but is also cheaper.

See our Active Family Support model in action with our new 360° video!

If you’re watching this video on a mobile device, just move your phone in different directions to feel the atmosphere and look at the overall scene.

If you’re watching the video on a desktop or laptop, use your mouse to change the angle of the video and feel like you’re in the video itself!



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