Through our activity to eliminate institutional care for children from 0 to 3 years and the global vision that every child lives in a family environment, we are changing the lives of thousands of people in Bulgaria.

What is an “institution”?

In Bulgaria, an institution means “homes for children”, “homes for babies”, orphanages, Homes for medical and social care for children (HMSCC), homes for children with disabilities.

According to accepted international definitions, an institution is any residential environment where children and young people are exposed to an “institutional culture”.

This is characterized by the promotion of group behavior and without individuality, to follow common rules, diet, hygiene and study, lack of individual support or personal treatment. In institutions, care lacks consistency, permanence and continuity. Children in institutions are often excluded from the wider community and live in a designated space and have limited and controlled contact with their biological parents and staff. Many children in institutions have very little knowledge of their own cultural heritage and traditions.

The consequences of living in such a non-family environment are devastating.

Children’s entire lives are often spent in institutions, especially for children with disabilities. This allows them to be stigmatized and perceived as ‘different’, which in turn leads to further social isolation and harm to our society.


Over 80 years of research from around the world has shown the significant harms of institutions and the vital importance of family in children’s lives.

In this regard, we work with a wide network of organisations, using expertise and trust to help families at risk of child abandonment. As for our business partners, we fully understand their corporate social responsibility and marketing strategies. We support the goals of our partners from the public and non-governmental sectors in the field of children’s rights and social justice.

Our Partners are respected government institutions, responsible business organizations and many individual donors.

  • Ministry of labour and social policy
  • Ministry of Health
  • State agency for child protection
  • Agency for social assistance
  • Coalition “Childhood 2025”
  • Regional administrations
  • Municipal administrations
  • Velux Foundation
  • OAK Foundation
  • Medicor Foundation
  • “Active Citizens” Fund
  • Iris Program
  • Electrohold EAD
  • Borika AD
  • Lidl Ltd
  • Eurofins Foundation
  • Yusk Bul EOOD
  • Individual donors


Why become our partner?

Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria does not encourage volunteering in institutions and donating to them!

Children there are often exploited as an “attraction” for donors and volunteers.

Many people who volunteer at orphanages are well-intentioned. However, this kind of help is extremely harmful.

Children become emotionally attached and then suffer a lot and can develop problems with attachment and emotional health.

The alternative we offer is stabilizing families, placing children from institutions in a family environment and working with the family to improve the quality of care for children.

Investing in the future of our children will add value to your brand, and individual donors will take a well-deserved place of honor in our Book of Donors.

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