To donate hope and love


There are times in everyone’s life when you think you cannot handle a critical situation. You don’t have the strength, you don’t have the experience or you justify yourself that you’re not lucky. At such times we seek help from the family, it is our support and our salvation. Ivan and Maria have grown up in homes for children, these are institutions where there is everything instead of love. Fate meets these young people with Evgeniya Messerdzhieva at a time when they have to leave the institution where they live. They have to deal with finding work, housing, finding friends, arranging the complex puzzle of their lives. Each of them goes their own way, dreaming of finding love and meeting people to rely on. This is missing and cannot be obtained from the institutions they come from.

This desire meets them, gives them the wings of love and leads them to create a healthy and beautiful family. Burgas is favorable to them, they find a modest home and they both have a job, a steady income and can dream of a child. They want to give their child everything they themselves dreamed of in the institutions – new clothes, good food, toys, books and, most of all, a loving family. Half a year ago, the coveted and loved Lily was born. A happy family draws plans for the future, and the child grows loving and happy. But life sends us trials, the coronavirus pandemic leaves the family without income. The father is downsized and the rent, bills, food and clothes are fading. The family is not giving up and is still looking for work and income opportunities.

Our coordinator in Burgas, Evgeniy Messerdzhieva, accidentally finds out about a family experiencing a crisis. These are not people who will pray for help, deprive themselves of food, but not the child. Through the work of “Hope and Homes for Children – Bulgaria” in Burgas a network of responsive and kind people who are happy to donate as much as they can has created. Such a person is Denitsa Dolapchieva who donates clothes, supplies for the baby, and we have provided food and medicine for the whole family. This quick intervention showed Ivan and Maria that they had someone to rely on in difficult times, but more importantly, they would be able to cope with this difficulty as well.

Our organization will continue to be a mainstay for families in need, and the lovely Lily will continue to smile and have a chance to tell Mom and Dad to Ivan and Maria.

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