Iva Nikolova

Iva Nikolova, program coordinator

Iva gives us confidence from 2018. Thanks to her long career in the field of children’s rights and youth policies, both in the executive and legislative branches, Iva is a professional with a wide range of knowledge and experience in the development and implementation of child policies in Bulgaria and internationally. She supports the work of HHC Bulgaria at the national level through her participation in working groups for the development of legislative changes, strategic and programmatic documents in the field of child rights and protection, opinions, analyses, and reports. Iva also supports the work of the advocacy team of the organization at the European level through her participation in the development of annual analyses of the situation of the children in Bulgaria, Eurochild’s report and recommendations to Bulgaria on the European Child Guarantee, the European Semester 2022, etc. Iva Nikolova is also the person in charge of HHC Bulgaria on the security and protection of the rights of the individuals we work with.

You can contact Iva Nikolova

on mobile +359 88 883 4111

e-mail: iva.nikolova.hhc@gmail.com