Waiting for Christmas

The program for children’s participation at Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria on the occasion of the International Human Rights Day, we organized a “mixing of good ideas”. This time of year it smells like cinnamon and honey and it’s like Christmas is descending on us and reminding us to do good things daily. We deliberately extended an invitation to the Zonta club Sait Sofia Next Generation with President Aleksandrina Georgieva – the youth organization of the Zonta Club of Saint Sofia to send messages by preparing sweets and ritual breads that also have a symbolic meaning. In folk beliefs, when kneading the dough, the energy of those who do it flows in. We talked about why we need to give voice, space and meaning to children to put into practice their right to participate. We talked about poverty and how it affects the whole society. What is the role of children and adults in accepting people with disabilities. We told each other Christmas stories, and in all of them the family is the source of happiness for the children, and the presents are only a reason for joy.

Our ideas of advocating for family, love, care and empathy somehow easily translated into conversations and hopefully reach more people. Everyone needs to believe in a good future and that they can work for it.

Symbolically, we all worked in the kitchen of the Maria’s World Foundation, where Mrs. Mariana Miteva told them about the activities of the kitchen, where they train young people with physical and mental difficulties in work and cooking habits. How they give them a chance to live like everyone else and how happy they are to be able to work.

We hope that we have found new advocates of children’s rights and will continue to donate time, effort and emotions for those who are left without their families.

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