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Currently, at least 5.4 million children worldwide live in institutions and are separated from their families. 80% of them are not orphans and can return home. We want to help Bulgaria to have no children suffering from institutional care, and this will be an excellent example for all people!

Our job is to keep families together!

All our work is aimed at helping before the separation has happened.

For children in institutions, we prepare clear guidelines for returning home without risk and with parental support. Scientific research proves that there is no better place for every child in the family. There a child develops best, is protected and loved.

Every child deserves a mom and dad!

Join our global movement to call on all world leaders to act now so that no families are separated.

Support the children to return home and sign the Petition:

You can help all children in Bulgaria to live in families! Donate now, tomorrow a child may already be separated from the parents.

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