Children help children

Today, September 13th, on the eve of the new school year, 7 children from the Children’s Participation Program of Hope and Homes for Children – Bulgaria and 12 children from the Day Care Center for Children with Disabilities “Saint Vrach” gathered and modeled together under the motto “Children help children. ” The director of the center, Susan Yesheli, shared with the children from the Children’s Participation Program for the initiative for support that they started and suggested that this day should also be dedicated to it. Children from the Children’s Participation Program, in turn, told their peers what they were doing and what their mission and purpose is. So, children and young people, following the motto “Children help children”, created platelets and clay, recreated their dreams and ideas, laughed and had fun at the Day Care Center. They created various pieces of art that could be sold and with the funds raised to support the treatment of one child. Children and young people talked to each other and shared their ideas for follow-up meetings and initiatives, where they could further develop their imagination and creativity and thus continue to be advocates for children and their rights.

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What do we want to do this year?

The children and young people from the Children’s Participation Program at Hope and homes for children – Bulgaria gathered after the summer vacation and on

What are we actually doing?

It’s a delicate balance between having little money, three children, living in a remote area. And when one of your children has an accident and

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