In support of children with disabilities in Veliko Tarnovo district


In recent years, many children with disabilities have started attending mainstream schools. This step is part of our desire to develop our sense of empathy and all to feel comfortable in society.

The COVID-19 pandemic left students isolated for a long time, and this puts a heavy burden on both children with disabilities and their parents. Very often the lack of sufficient funds is the reason for the lack of e-learning devices in these families and most often it happens through the parents’ phones. These children feel even worse from the fact that it is difficult to communicate in this way with classmates, friends and teachers, and their education and integration are in question.

In this situation, CPDs in Veliko Tarnovo region turned to us to provide electronic devices to children with disabilities and to children of parents with mental or physical disabilities. Thanks to the Anglo-American school in Sofia, we managed to make 7 students from first to sixth grade in Veliko Tarnovo district happy. The surprise was great against the basic expectation that the children would learn from their homes for a long time.

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