Let’s our summer begin

It’s summer!

The best time for walks and meeting new friends. Against the backdrop of good weather, on June 24, 2023, children and youth from our Children’s Participation Program, together with the youth from Z club Saint Sofia Next Generation 2023, had a picnic in Zaimov Park, Sofia. The two formations did not know each other until now, but they have similar goals to respect people’s rights. Sun, nature, food and informal socializing and getting to know each other worked.

They quickly split into two groups and discussed many topics and here are some of them:

  • peer violence
  • violence against women
  • children’s and youth participation
  • inclusion of children and youth with disabilities.

Both groups discussed, drew, argued and searched together for the most important points for them and how we can deal with these problems in our society. After the work in groups, there was an opportunity for presentations, as well as asking questions and comments from the participants. No one was absent and this allowed for discussions.

Key words such as:

communication, support, understanding, interaction, dissemination and promotion of the activity.

It was very clear that violence against women and children must stop, disabled youth must be accepted in our society and we must learn to help the vulnerable people.

We all need inspirations and unifying causes. We really wish we had started cooperation and friendship between the two youth formations.

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