Partnership for support of children and families


 On September 26, 2019, in the Regional Administration of Stara Zagora, a training was organized for the team of DDICM on “Working with parents who are at risk of abandonment”.

The aim of the training is to increase the professional competences of working with parents by presenting a different model of work and support.

The training was attended by the Deputy Regional Governor Petya Chakarova, representatives of municipalities, CPDs on the territory of the district, District Foster care team, the Regional Administration, the regional coordinator of Hope and Homes for Children – Bulgaria for Stara Zagora District.

The Deputy Governor congratulated the attendees and recalled that Hope and Homes for Children began operating in Bulgaria in November 2011 and that he was investing serious resources in supporting the implementation of the Government’s strategy for the deinstitutionalisation of children. Hope and Homes for Children – Bulgaria, has been applying the model of the District DI Coordination Mechanism as an instrument for effective work at the regional level since April 2015 and in the Stara Zagora District.

The 18 participants involved were intrigued by the practical implementation of the HHC-Bulgaria’s toolkit for working with parents. It is a fact that in Stara Zagora district there is interaction between the institutions, but after the training, the general opinion was that from now on it will be even more professional and effective.

The participants got acquainted with the philosophy and principles of working with children and parents of HHC-Bulgaria, discussed various cases, participated in role-playing games and practical tasks, commented on community resources for active support of parents, providing opportunities for full interaction and cooperation.

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