What children need the most

In the framework of the project “Right of participation and voice”, which is implemented with the financial support provided by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Financial Mechanism from 1.09.2020 from Hope and Homes for Children – Bulgaria on 13 of September the second edition of the series “Children’s Family Wars” took place. This time the children and young people asked their questions to specialists from State agency for child protection, Regional directorate for social assistance, CPDs, District Administration, Ombudsman, non-governmental organizations involved in the topic of children, their support and protection and their rights. The specialists present were divided into two teams, according to the rules of the game. Each team chose a name and a captain. The Hope team was represented by the District Administration, the State agency for child protection and the CPD. In the team “Future” teammates were the administration of the Ombudsman, Regional directorate for social assistance and Day Care Center for Children with Disabilities “St. Vrach”. The presenters asked their 5 questions to both teams. The questions are invented and prepared by children of different ages and are related to the topics that excite them:

“What do children want to change in adults to feel better?”

– What do children like to eat the most?

– What do children need to feel good at school? What do children need the most?

“What are the most important rights and responsibilities of children?”

After an intense race, the Hope team won its victory. The Future team received a consolation prize and a certificate.

In the second part, the Hope team continued with the game “Fast Children’s Dreams”. Two participants tried to collect the maximum number of points and had to answer 5 questions in 30 seconds – Children’s favorite animal; Children’s favorite place; What do children do when they are sad; What do the children want to participate in the most and How do the children want to express their opinion?

At the end, the participants in the Children’s Participation Program of Hope and Homes for Children – Bulgaria handed out their book “The Good Helper of the Child”. At the end of each game there is a lesson, and from this is:

All of us parents and specialists should listen more to children and young people and give them the opportunity to speak, to argue their rights so that they understand their responsibilities.


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