WE are a group of children and young people, from 8 different countries. We met together a few times and had a lot of fun – we have included some pictures here to give you an idea of what we did.

Leave (how many?) blank spaces in the design for each country to add their own images. English version to include pictures from all countries involved in My Life My Voice. Avoid using photos where consent will expire quickly, maybe use picture of children’s work instead. Each country to include comic strip winning entries.

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Калоян и Мария

Днес Калоян и Мария са център на внимание в топлия и щастлив дом, който споделят с майка си, втория си баща и по-големите си брат


След раждането си Георги  прекарва първите шест месеца от живота си в ДМСГД. Няма кой да го утешава, да го обгрижва или закриля. Майка му Петя и баща

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